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Ahsan Rahim

Known as a genius within the industry circles, he is one of Pakistan’s most successful video and film director and is the brain behind Tadpole Films.

Ahsan Rahim

He is one of Pakistan’s most successful video and film director and is the brain behind Tadpole Films. Known as a genius within the industry circles, it is obvious from his work that he stands far above the rest.

Ahsan Rahim and Tadpole Films have created sleek music videos for Pakistani music stars like Ali Zafar, Shehzad Roy, Abrar-ul-Haq, Jawad Ahmed, Haroon and Dr. aur Billa amongst others.

For brands like Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor, Toyota, Pepsi, Servis, Banglalink, Omore and Samsung amongst many others, they have produced trend setting commercial films that have challenged the advertising industry standards.

Why Tadpole?

Because nobody ever talks about them!


Films and Such

Omore - Kulfa
Candyland - Crown
National Foods - Ketchup
Omore - Tutti Frutti
Omore - Mango
Xcell Mobile - Champion Bano
Sprite - Apni Pyas Ko Sprite Kar
PEL - Arctic
Coca Cola - Hum Aik Hain
QMobile - Lambi Baat
Ufone - Airport
Suzuki - Alto
Innovative - Butter Crunch
Ufone - Revolution
Ufone - Hisaab
Kia - Picanto
Ufone - U Paisa
Ufone - Superhero
Tux - Take a Tux
Ufone - Chiragh
Rozee.pk - Agay Barho
Telenor - 4G Shaadi
Ufone - Shahcar
JazzCash - Dunya Ko Bataa Do
Lemon Max - Karahi
Ufone - Love Story
Oye Hoye - Chips Mein Sirf Oye Hoye
Bisconni - Chocolate Chip
Toyota - Fortuner
Safeguard - Total 10
Samsung - Gamer
McDonald’s - Yeh Such Hai
Banglalink - Icon
Mobilink - Jazz X
Telenor – 4G Cafe
Brite - Machine Wash
Lays - Pass A Smile
EFU - Life
Surf Excel - Cricket
Fanta - Rocks
Orascom - Icon
Telenor - Easy Paisa
Oye Hoye - Shikaar
Bata - Surprisingly Bata
Mobilink - Eid
Mobilink - Jazz
Askari - Digital Banking
Mobilink - Mobitune
Safeguard - Soap
Nokia - Bhai
Mobily - Postpaid
Omore - Desi
Telenor – Easy Paisa
Nescafe - Morning Pick
Samsung - Star
Jazz Cash - Debit Card
Omore - Thanda Meetha Paan
Nescafe - Morning Pick
Telenor - Wrestling
Jazz Cash - Money Transfer
Slanty - Fun
Servis - Shoes For Everyone
Ufone - 14th August
Jazz Cash - Online Payments
Everyday - Celebrity
Ufone - Hisaab SMS
Jazz Cash - Payment Gateway
Everyday - Chef
Ufone - Cow Bhai
Jazz Cash - Payment Gateway
Everyday - Farmer
Ufone - Dance
Cadbury - Moro
Samsung - J Series
Cadbury - Moro
Ufone - Escape
Total - Rubia
Ufone - Darwaza Khol Dai
MTN - 4G Is Life
Shoop - Trust Tou Must Hai
Colgate - Sparkle
Shoop - Improved Flavors
Colgate - Sensitive Pro.Relief
Shoop - 4 in 1
Ufone - Gold Chaandi
Gluco - Juniors
Ufone - Tension
Oye Hoye - Perchi
Emporium Mall - Everything For Everyone
Shoop - Chotoo Pack
Ufone - Jhatka
Lays - University
Kashmir Oil - Heritage
Lays - Friends
Sooper - Hamesha Wala Pyar
McDonald's - Real Crispy Chicken
Ufone - Company Engine
Baygon - Double Nozzle
McDonald’s – Real Crispy Chicken
Lifebuoy - Neem aur Haldi
Toyota - Altis Grande
McDonald’s – Real Crispy Chicken
K & N's - Parcham
QMobile - B 800
QMobile – X 700
Pak Wheels - Gaari Ki Deals
EBM - Temple Run
Nestle - Fruita Vitals
Haier - Pursuit G10
Toyota - Corolla X
Toyota Sure - Husband & Wife
Easy Paisa - Pin Chor
Maggi - Maggi Nahin Tou Kuch Nahin
Haier - Esteem
Cadbury - Dairy Milk
Jazz Cash - Mobile Account
Tapal - Family Mixture
PEL - Wedding Jackpot
Omore - Movie Night
Ufone - SuperCard Interview
Lemon Max - Long Bar
Omore - Carnival
Sprite - Wooo Sahhh
Toyota Sure - Brothers
Ufone - Sim Lock
Kia - Stonic Play It Young
Max - Lemon Max Bar
Ufone - Talaash
Kia - Stonic Play It Young
Nestle – Fruita Vitals
Ufone - Sharam
PTCL - Truly Unlimited
MTN - Music Plus
Kashmir Oil - Guests
Tapal - Green Tea
Lays - Smile
Sprite - Wooo Sahhh
State Life - Education Continuation Scheme
K & N’s – Stok
Tapal - Family Mixture
Sprite – Wooo Sahhh
MTN - Go 4G
Zindagi - Financial Solution
Candyland - Novella
Sprite – Wooo Sahhh
Diamond Supreme Foam - Guarantee
Food Panda - Kia Delivery Hai
MTN Pulse - Kidi
Food Panda - Kia Delivery Hai
Food Panda - Kia Delivery Hai
Teefa in Trouble - Teaser
Bonus - Ziada
Diamond Supreme Foam - Inside Tag
Omore - Double Choco Chips
Dulux ICI - Mileage
Sprite - Ramadan
Hilal Cup Kake - Sharing is Caring
Hilal Cup Kake - Masterpiece
Zong - Let's Get Digital
Hilal Cup Kake - Superhero
Zameen.com - Har Pata
Bisconni - Rite
Tapal - Danedar
Tapal - Danedar
Telenor - Easy Paisa
Ufone - Saaf Awaz
Telenor - Easy Paisa
Bank Alfalah - Orbits
Sprite - Karahi
Ufone - Adaalat Ameer Ghareeb
National Foods - Husband & Wife
Ufone - Uth Pack
National Foods - Office
Walls - Paddle Pop
National Foods - Sister
Kashmir - Oil



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Making commercials is sometimes just like a football game, no matter how strong a possession you have in the game; the only thing that matters is the “20 seconds” which the world remembers!

–Ahsan Rahim